Senior Citizens Can Make Money At Home

Join the tens of thousands of senior citizens who have learned how to create income from home AFTER retirement [Life After Work].

If you’re a retiree and can still read and write and can get around on the computer, you can earn the extra dollars you need for a fulfilling “retirement”.

MONEY for survival.
MONEY for medical and health sustainment.
MONEY for living quarters and a standard of living.
MONEY for mobility in transportation.
MONEY for food, heat, and comfort.

Do you fear outliving your savings?

Every retired person or senior citizen wants to be independent. You want to be your own boss and enjoy the benefits of working from home.

Senior citizens have a wealth of information stored within their being. A lifetime of colorful experiences validate their knowledge. Remember, when you're a senior you're in your PRIME.

The Internet cries for fresh articles of interest. YOU can bring your lifetime of priceless knowledge to the Internet and get paid for it.

Here are TWO valuable short tips on how to START:

1. If necessary, take a beginner or refresher computer class. Many cities have computer classes for seniors at a local community center or university extension campus.

2. Explore the Internet for income opportunities where you can be paid to write articles.

As a senior citizen, you can write reviews on products you’ve used and the positive experiences you’ve had with financial institutions, health care plans, vacation plans, cars, services, etc. An Internet review is priceless to one who’s interested in the products and services you write about.

You can get PAID well writing reviews.

There is one particular Internet company who will guide you step by step in becoming a "web promotion specialist". The online course is only $249. It’s worth every penny of it. Finish the 6-hour online course and you'll be up and running, making a great income. They GUARANTEE it.

I’m a senior citizen and I am living proof that you can make money after taking this course. Click here for more information.


  1. ATTENTION: Senior Citizens! How To GET RICH And Have Fun At The Same Time!

    We came across a woman from Lexington, Kentucky a while back. She had just started to sell some of her old dolls over the Internet auctions. She said, “I’ve had this one doll since I was a child that I sold for $150 and it probably cost $1 way back then.”

    She said that the nice thing about these auctions is not only because it’s a way to make money, but she’s already made two new friends in just the past few weeks. She said, “This is just a wonderful way to make money and make new friends around the country.” We think that, for a lot of seniors, this is going to be a boom - a way to get rich and have fun at the same time!

    The friendships come from the fact that, again, we spend money on the things that are most important to us. As collectors on these Internet Auctions, we are instantly and immediately surrounded by other people who have the very same interests that we have. And so, we end up making some new friends over the Internet!

    A friend of ours once said, “I was put on this earth with one commodity to spend and it isn’t money, it’s time.” If you use your time well, you can make money and you can enjoy

    'When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.'

    -Tennessee Williams

    'When I come into a game in the bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, no one out and a one run lead. . . it takes people off my mind.'

    -Toni Morrison

    yourself. This is a good outlet for both of these things.

    It’s kind of like that book, “Do What You Love And The Money Will Follow.” A lot of people have said, “Well, gee, I love doll collecting but how in the world can I ever turn that into an income?” This gives them a vehicle.

    We talked about the woman who was a shut-in, had lupus, and couldn’t leave the house. When you’re in the business that we’re in where you teach people how to make money, there are many people that will say, “You know, I’ve been in an accident, I have a health problem, I’m older, or I’m stuck in my house. I’m still alert but I just can’t get around. I’m willing to do something. I can’t go out and dig a ditch but I’m willing to be active. What can I do?” They’re looking for something . . . and here’s a great opportunity for them!

    'Reason, with most people, means their own opinions.'

    -Pamela Vault Starr

    'Put yourself in competition with yourself each day. Each morning look back upon your work of yesterday and then try to beat it.'

    -Swami Sivananda

    Julius L. Lawrence Jr.
    Mgr./Dir., CEO
    JuLaw Consultant Services / Investors...'Master of the Internet'

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